wmiexec-RegOut – Modify Version Of Impacket Wmiexec.Py, Get Output(Data,Response) From Registry, Don’T Need SMB Connection, Also Bypassing Antivirus-Software In Lateral Movement Like WMIHACKER

Modify version of impacket wmiexec.py,wmipersist.py. Got output(data,response) from registry, don’t need SMB connection, but I’m in the bad code 🙁 Specially Thanks to: @rootclay, wechat: _xiangshan Overview In original wmiexec.py, it get response from smb connection (port 445,139). Unfortunately, some antivirus software are monitoring these ports as high risk. In this case, I drop smbRead More

FiddleZAP – A Simplified Version Of EKFiddle For OWASP ZAP

FiddleZAP is a simplified version of EKFiddle for OWASP ZAP. With ZAP as your web proxy, you are able to flag malicious traffic based on predefined regular expressions. Example: Alert, highlighting and tagging when a regex matches on a string within the HTML source code of a compromised website Installation Download and install ZAP: https://www.zaproxy.org/download/Read More

Http-Protocol-Exfil – Exfiltrate Files Using The HTTP Protocol Version ("HTTP/1.0" Is A 0 And "HTTP/1.1" Is A 1)

Use the HTTP protocol version to send a file bit by bit (“HTTP/1.0” is a 0 and “HTTP/1.1” is a 1). It uses GET requests so the Blue Team would only see the requests to your IP address. However, it takes a long time to send bigger files, for example it needs 1 hour toRead More

Juumla – Tool Designed To Identify And Scan For Version, Config Files In The CMS Joomla!

Juumla is a python tool developed to identify the current Joomla version and scan for readable Joomla config files. Installing / Getting started A quick guide of how to install and use Juumla. 1. Clone the repository – git clone https://github.com/oppsec/juumla.git2. Install the libraries – pip3 install -r requirements.txt3. Run Juumla – python3 main.py -uRead More

BetterXencrypt – A Better Version Of Xencrypt – Xencrypt It Self Is A Powershell Runtime Crypter Designed To Evade AVs

A better version of Xencrypt.Xencrypt it self is a Powershell runtime crypter designed to evade AVs. cause Xencrypt is not FUD anymore and easily get caught by AMSI,i recode the stub and now it FUD again. And the original Xencrypt,if you see on the screenshot proof,he’s tested on Windows 8,and if i test it onRead More

SharpMapExec – A Sharpen Version Of CrackMapExec

A sharpen version of CrackMapExec. This tool is made to simplify penetration testing of networks and to create a swiss army knife that is made for running on Windows which is often a requirement during insider threat simulation engagements. Besides scanning for access it can be used to identify vulnerable configurations and exfiltrate data. TheRead More

Enum4Linux-Ng – A Next Generation Version Of Enum4Linux (A Windows/Samba Enumeration Tool) With Additional Features Like JSON/YAML Export

enum4linux-ng.py is a rewrite of Mark Lowe’s (former Portcullis Labs now Cisco CX Security Labs) enum4linux.pl, a tool for enumerating information from Windows and Samba systems, aimed for security professionals and CTF players. The tool is mainly a wrapper around the Samba tools nmblookup, net, rpcclient and smbclient. I made it for educational purposes forRead More

Faraday presents the latest version of their Security Platform for Vulnerability Management Automation

Miami, February 19, 2020 – Faraday is opening 2020 by strengthening their releases using the featured cybersecurity worldwide events calendar, starting next week with BSides and RSAC in San Francisco. As a Blackhat Global Partner, the company will also participate as a sponsor in all BH’s global events. By means of automation technology and workflowRead More