NimPlant – A Light-Weight First-Stage C2 Implant Written In Nim

By Cas van Cooten (@chvancooten), with special thanks to some awesome folks: Fabian Mosch (@S3cur3Th1sSh1t) for sharing dynamic invocation implementation in Nim and the Ekko sleep mask function snovvcrash (@snovvcrash) for adding the initial version of execute-assembly & self-deleting implant option Furkan Göksel (@frkngksl) for his work on NiCOFF and Guillaume Caillé (@OffenseTeacher) for theRead More

pyFlipper – Unoffical Flipper Zero Cli Wrapper Written In Python

Unoffical Flipper Zero cli wrapper written in Python Functions and characteristics: Flipper serial CLI wrapper Websocket client interface Setup instructions: $ git clone$ cd pyFlipper$ python3 -m venv venv$ source venv/bin/activate$ pip install -r requirements.txt Tested on: Python 3.8.10 on Linux 5.4.0 x86_64 Python 3.10.5 on Android 12 (Termux + OTGSerial2WebSocket NO ROOT REQUIRED)Read More

Cirrusgo – A Fast Tool To Scan SAAS, PAAS App Written In Go

A fast tool to scan SAAS,PAAS App written in Go SAAS App Support : salesforce contentful (next version) Note flag -o output not working install : golang 1.18Ver go install -v[email protected] install -v[email protected] Help: cirrusgo –help ______ _ ______ / ____/(_)_____ _____ __ __ _____ / ____/____/ / / // ___// ___// /Read More

Naabu – A Fast Port Scanner Written In Go With A Focus On Reliability And Simplicity

Naabu is a port scanning tool written in Go that allows you to enumerate valid ports for hosts in a fast and reliable manner. It is a really simple tool that does fast SYN/CONNECT scans on the host/list of hosts and lists all ports that return a reply. Features Fast And Simple SYN/CONNECT probe basedRead More

Ransomware-Simulator – Ransomware Simulator Written In Golang

The goal of this repository is to provide a simple, harmless way to check your AV’s protection on ransomware. This tool simulates typical ransomware behaviour, such as: Staging from a Word document macro Deleting Volume Shadow Copies Encrypting documents (embedded and dropped by the simulator into a new folder) Dropping a ransomware note to theRead More

Tetanus – Mythic C2 Agent Targeting Linux And Windows Hosts Written In Rust

Tetanus is a Windows and Linux C2 agent written in rust. Installation To install Tetanus, you will need Mythic set up on a machine. In the Mythic root directory, use mythic-cli to install the agent. payload start tetanus”> sudo ./mythic-cli install github ./mythic-cli payload start tetanus Tetanus supports the http C2 profile: sudo ./mythic-cliRead More

ADReaper – A Fast Enumeration Tool For Windows Active Directory Pentesting Written In Go

ADReaper is a tool written in Golang which enumerate a Active Directory environment with LDAP queries within few seconds. Installation You can download precompiled executable binaries for Windows/Linux from latest releases Install from source To build from source, clone the repo and build it with GO $ git clone$ cd ADReaper/$ go build UsageRead More

Subdomains.Sh – A Wrapper Around Tools I Use For Subdomain Enumeration On A Given Domain. This Script Is Written With The Aim To Automate The Workflow wrapper around tools I use for subdomain enumeration, to automate the workflow, on a given domain. Usage To display this script’s help message, use the -h flag: -h subdomains for * –use-passive-source comma(,) separated tools to use –exclude-passive-source comma(,) separated tools to exclude –skip-semi-active skip semi active techniques -r, –resolvers list of DNSRead More