Go-Dork – The Fastest Dork Scanner Written In Go

The fastest dork scanner written in Go. There are also various search engines supported by go-dork, including Google, Shodan, Bing, Duck, Yahoo and Ask. Install Download a prebuilt binary from releases page, unpack and run! or If you have go compiler installed and configured: > GO111MODULE=on go get -v github.com/dwisiswant0/go-dork/… Usage Basic Usage Simply, go-dorkRead More

CRLFuzz – A Fast Tool To Scan CRLF Vulnerability Written In Go

A fast tool to scan CRLF vulnerability written in Go Installation from Binary The installation is easy. You can download a prebuilt binary from releases page, unpack and run! or with $ curl -sSfL http://git.io/get-crlfuzz | sh -s — -b /usr/local/bin from Source If you have go1.13+ compiler installed and configured: $ GO111MODULE=on go getRead More

Zin – A Payload Injector For Bugbounties Written In Go

A Payload Injector for bugbounties written in go Features Inject multiple payloads into all parameters Inject single payloads into all parameters Saves responses into output folder Displays Status Code & Response Length Can grep for patterns in the response Really fast Easy to setup Install $ go get -u github.com/ethicalhackingplayground/Zin New Features Pattern Matching inRead More

Sinter – A User-Mode Application Authorization System For MacOS Written In Swift

Sinter is a 100% user-mode endpoint security agent for macOS 10.15 and above, written in Swift.Sinter uses the user-mode EndpointSecurity API to subscribe to and receive authorization callbacks from the macOS kernel, for a set of security-relevant event types. The current version of Sinter supports allowing/denying process executions; in future versions we intend to supportRead More

Gtunnel – A Robust Tunelling Solution Written In Golang

A TCP tunneling suite built with golang and gRPC. gTunnel can manage multiple forward and reverse tunnels that are all carried over a single TCP/HTTP2 connection. I wanted to learn a new language, so I picked go and gRPC. Client executables have been tested on windows and linux.DependenciesgTunnel has been tested with Docker version 19.03.6,Read More

DiscordRAT – Discord Remote Administration Tool Fully Written In Python

Discord Remote Administration Tool fully written in Python3.This is a RAT controlled over Discord with over 20 post exploitation modules. Disclaimer:This tool is for educational use only, the author will not be held responsible for any misuse of this tool.This is my first project on github as such this project is far from perfect ,Read More

Firebase-Extractor – A Tool Written In Python For Scraping Firebase Data

This tool is written in python2, the purpose of this tool is to parse all the results from Bing search.Basically whenever a firebaseio URL is found for an app , User instead of searching for sensitive data by going manually through the search results can use this tool.This tool works by using the given FirebaseRead More

shuffleDNS – Wrapper Around Massdns Written In Go That Allows You To Enumerate Valid Subdomains

shuffleDNS is a wrapper around massdns written in go that allows you to enumerate valid subdomains using active bruteforce as well as resolve subdomains with wildcard handling and easy input-output support.Based on the work on massdns project by @blechschmidt.Features Simple and modular code base making it easy to contribute. Fast And Simple active subdomain scanning.Read More

SSRF Sheriff – A Simple SSRF-testing Sheriff Written In Go

This is an SSRF testing sheriff written in Go. It was originally created for the Uber H1-4420 2019 London Live Hacking Event, but it is now being open-sourced for other organizations to implement and contribute back to.Features Repsond to any HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) Configurable secret token (see base.example.yaml) Content-specific responses WithRead More