Scemu – X86 32bits Emulator, For Securely Emulating Shellcodes

x86 32bits emulator, for securely emulating shellcodes. Features ´ôŽ rust safety, good for malware. All dependencies are in rust. zero unsafe{} blocks. very fast emulation (much faster than unicorn) 3,000,000 instructions/second 100,000 instructions/second printing every instruction -vv. powered by iced-x86 rust dissasembler awesome library. iteration detector. memory and register tracking. colorized. stop at specific momentRead More

PE-Packer – A Simple Windows X86 PE File Packer Written In C And Microsoft Assembly

PE-Packer is a simple packer for Windows PE files. The new PE file after packing can obstruct the process of reverse engineering. It will do the following things when packing a PE file: Transforming the original import table. Encrypting sections. Clearing section names. Installing the shell-entry. When running a packed PE file, the shell-entry willRead More