Hackers Toolbox – Complete Hacking Tools Kit (Updated Daily)

Every hacker has their preferred hacking tools in their toolbox to perform specific attacks, collect information and secure their systems, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the latest hacking tools released in the Infosec community. After all, these tools are designed to improve and simplify existing penetration testing tools, automate the process or exploit current vulnerabilities.

One such way to find the latest hacking tools released, is by exploring the Black Hat events yearly and their featured arsenals in US, Europe and Asia. Alternatively, our hackers toolbox is the complete hacking tools kit to explore, upgrade and update your arsenal on a daily basis. Get the latest hacking tools and gadgets on your news feed by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Latest Hacking Tools

CVE Api - Parse & filter the latest CVEs from cve.mitre.org

CVE Api – Parse & filter the latest CVEs from cve.mitre.org

Parse & filter the latest CVEs from https://cve.mitre.org. Docs Usagehttp://localhost:4000/cve?target=KEYWORDThe year parameter is optional.http://localhost:4000/cve?target=KEYWORD&year=YEAR Exampleshttp://localhost:4000/cve?target=ruby%20on%20rails http://localhost:4000/cve?target=ruby%20on%20rails&year=2020If you want to parse the latest year, use the

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