Hacking Books for Cyber Security Professionals

hacking books for cyber security professionals

Learning hacking especially if you’re a complete beginner, is no easy task but there are lots of resources online such as online hacking tutorials, YouTube videos on hacking and even online courses on Udemy.

But hacking resources are often sparse and spread out all over the web so it’s often helpful to read books.  In fact in my opinion, it’s the best way to learn hacking because all of the information is gathered together in one place.  Although all the hacking books in this list are excellent in their own right and some of them cover different aspects of hacking, we definitely recommend reading a few of them to expand your knowledge or getting it as a gift.

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While we aid in free and open information, we believe supporting those putting the time, effort and hard work in publishing informative hacking books. If you download and like the book, support the authors by buying a paperback or kindle version.

Hacking Books for Cyber Security Professionals