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Evil Crow cable is a BadUSB device based on Attiny85 microcontroller with data line enabled. Evil Crow Cable is a basic device for professionals and cybersecurity enthusiasts and was developed to show security breaches in USB peripherals.

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Evil Crow BadUSB Cable is an information security and penetration testing tool that looks and functions just like a regular USB cable (both power and data) until a wireless remote control triggers it to deliver your choice of attack payload to the host machine. In essence, Evil Crow is the next step in the evolution of BadUSB, embedding the attack in the USB cable itself.

Emulating keyboard and mouse actions, payloads can be completely customized and can be highly targeted. Undetectable by firewalls, AV software (**depending on payload of course**) or visual inspection, the Evil Crow Cable is an ideal tool for penetration testers, police and government.

For more information you can read the following repository:

  • //

Demo video: //


You can get payloads in the following repository:


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Evil Crow Cable


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