Gesture-Motion Starter Kit for Arduino Nano V3.0


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  • Gesture-MotionTracking kit is a gesture control starter kit based on Nano V3.0 Micro-controller board,Controlling any target by gesture movement, such as smart cars, racing cars, balance cars, drones, etc
  • Aruino Nano collects data of mpu6050(6-axis accelerometer & gyroscope) in real time to achieve the function of Gesture Recognition,then send the datas to the control obect via Bluetooth or Nrf24L01+ wireless transmission module to finish Gesture control
  • Gesture-MotionTracking kit comes with high-quality professional sports gloves with magic posts to make sure the Nano board and sensor modules are fixed very well “
  • We provide professional and detailed tutorial with the demo program and sample videos for controlling smart/racing cars,it’s easy to get started whatever you are an engineer or newbie
  • All tutorial will be uploaded to Github and continuously updated for user’s convenience.Any question or concern we could assist with, welcome contact our technical support team

Package Inlcudes

1 x Project Box
1 x Emakefun Nano CH340
1 x USB mini line
1 x 9v battery line
1 x Sports gloves
1 x Mini breadboard
1 x JDY-16 BLE module
1 x MPU5050 module
1 x NRF24L01
1 x 100v 10uf Capacitance
1x 10cm 100Pin male to male dupont wires
1x 10cm 10Pin male to female dupont wires
1x Cover
There no battery in the package,you need to buy yourself.The model number of the battery is 9V DC Alkaline battery

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Gesture-Motion Starter Kit



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